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Old Men, Sexy Girls and Airports

Hands up all those readers who have heard brain-dead meddlers deriding Pattaya because they are offended by the sight of old men sporting young, beautiful women on their arms.  Keep your hand up if you also heard these pompous asses ask, “Doesn’t he know she is only with him for the money?”  Finally, keep your hand up if you would like to strangle the next condescending idiot who tells you that.

Good.  You can all put your hands down now.

And it comes to pass that wealthy Australian former doctor, Geoffrey Edelsten, now 68, has just published his autobiography titled Enigma.  A photo of Mr Edelsten with his wife, Brynne Gordon-Edelsten aged 28 appears below. In his book, Edelsten, reveals he and Brynne are planning to have a baby.  It will be the first child for both.

Now, let’s take a moment to consider the photograph and some facts.  Firstly, the photo was not taken in Pattaya, nor is Brynne of Asian appearance.  Secondly, he is 40 years older than his wife.  Thirdly, he is rich.  Finally, she is young and gorgeous.

Now, she could be in love with him because he is caring, intelligent, handsome and stimulates her both intellectually and sexually.  He could be in love with her because she is tender, loving, a good homemaker and his intellectual soul mate.  Of course that is purely my opinion ,and if anyone on the planet actually agrees with it, I will go into shock.

The point is that it might be time for the hypocrites who aim their poison pens and venomous tongues at foreign men in Pattaya to take a look in their own back yards.  I could find no negative comments from the Australian press regarding the Edelsten union, and yet, those Grub Street ‘journalists’ are the first to scorn and ridicule the inmates of Pattaya.

But there’s more.  On a serious note, in his book, Mr Edelsten claims a “humiliating” event happened to his wife, Brynne, in 2008 at Melbourne International Airport.

“Customs officers ordered socialite Brynne Gordon-Edelsten to strip naked and pose for photographs and video footage when she arrived in Australia to marry flamboyant entrepreneur Geoffrey Edelsten.

“Mr Edelsten alleges he spent four hours at Melbourne International Airport waiting for Brynne, then 25, to be released by Customs after her flight from America.  When she finally came through the gates, he writes: ‘I asked her what had happened in Customs.  She said that a sniffer dog wouldn’t leave her alone.  This was followed by a formal search and on finding nothing, she was asked to remove all her clothes, including underwear, and was photographed.  In the formal note of apology that she received, it stated that the photographs would be destroyed after one year.’”

“They took video and still photographs.  Brynne still has the note and the DVD.”

“Customs has confirmed it does video-record travellers during strip-searches if they are suspected of carrying prohibited substances, with 48 travellers subjected to the process in 2010-11.  The Act says the searches must be conducted by an officer of the same gender as the traveller.  Video recordings and photographs of searches are permitted under the Act.”

“It is not standard procedure for Customs and Border Protection to photograph travellers naked,” a spokeswoman said.  “There are particular circumstances, however, in which Customs would undertake an external search of a passenger with the consent of the passenger.”

Hmmm.  Let me take a wild stab in the dark at what these “particular circumstances” could be.  Perhaps: female, young and gorgeous?  Is it possible that Aussie drug-sniffing dogs are being secretly trained to pick out such ‘suspicious’ people and “not leave [them] alone”?  Wouldn’t it be interesting to compare the profiles of the other 48 passengers “subjected to the process in 2010-11”?  I wonder how many of them resemble Brynne more than they do, say, me.

Personally I have never had a problem with the wonderful, diligent, friendly, hard-working, under-appreciated, handsome people in the Australian Customs and Border Protection Services.  I have never been strip-searched or sexually fondled to the extent I enjoyed it.  They actually make me wear a full Burka over my clothes until I leave the airport terminal.  They say it is for public safety reasons.

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  1. Slacker

    Like when my porno DVD's got swiped at LHR on one trip. I said to the guy conficating them "I bet you and your mates'll have to watch them several times to make sure the material is offensive"....one cavity search later I was allowed to go. Tossers.

    • rob

      you're pathetic when you have to look porn dvd's

    • Dean

      How many terrorists or bomb carriers have been detected or captured by
      the ridiculous airport security Hmmmmm?
      Answer; ZERO.

      Drug users are so common these days, your money is probably contaminated.
      Miss Byrne may have occupied the seat of a drug user and her clothing could
      retain the odor, explaining the drug sniffing dog.

  2. Maya

    The Rotary Club of Taksin-Pattaya will join in with this peorjct with $500 as was decided at our club board meeting on Sept 3rd 2008.

  3. Jerry

    For starters, baelry contained is one hell of an exaggeration. Looking at the pic in the article it is no different to any other female dancer.If you go on a show where you will be judged on your dancing skills, you should expect comments about .. well your dancing. Maybe on whether or not your outfit suits the dance. You should only ever expect comments about the skimpiness of your dress, the size of your boobs or the age difference between you and your spouse if you choose to go into a competition based on those things.Merely being in the public eye is not justification for those sort of comments.The good-natured comment is so often used by people who are in fact being mean and realise it, and try to weasel out of it instead of actually apologising. Ah, it was only a joke they say. Yeah, well it was only a joke to you. It was bloody hurtful to other people!Great post, News.


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