What is InPattayaNow.com

November 30, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Business News

What is InPattayaNow.com?

InPattayaNow is a directory where the administrators have checked out and tested every place that is put on this website. That means that we have had several visits (not just one), and made sure service is good, they dont put drinks on your tab without you knowing and they do everything correctly.

Note that it doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Even if the company is legit, you still have that one employee that will try to earn some extra cash. But this is a general tip that the likelihood of getting scammed is small.

If you experience that at one of the places, we would appreciate if you would let us know.

Do they have to pay to be listed on here?

No they dont. All companies listed on InPattayaNow.com is a free listing. That is because we need you to be sure that this isn’t just a paid advertisement. They can pay to have a “featured” listing, but to stay on this website, they have to “behave” towards tourists.