Warning tip for your bill

Warning tip for your bill

A lot of people arrive in Thailand with spending money. If a beer cost a couple of dollars or 2 pounds, it doesnt matter: Your on vacation. But that doesnt mean you should accept paying for others.

Anywhere you go, you are expected to buy drinks for girls if your at a bar. Not everywhere, but most places. And there is nothing wrong with that. The girl has to make money, and buying drinks is the best way.

But what do you do when several people asks, because you have bought for one girl? You see, if your a Farang (foreigner) that shows you are willing to spend, they come in flock.

So there is a couple of things you should follow when going out to have a good time in bars. These are our tips for first-timers:

  • Never show your wallet and how much you have. Make sure to have THB in the pocket that you can pay with.
  • If they have a cup where the bill is placed, make sure to check it every time its back from the cashier. If something is added that you don’t remember, ask them straight away. Its better than to start arguing when you gonna pay.
  • If you see a girl you want to buy to, tell her: Ill buy you a drink but only you. If she speaks english, she knows you will only buy for her (she makes all the money).
  • If a waiter asks for a drink, use your head upstairs. Wait for a couple of seconds before you say yes. Then they will probably not ask again. If they do, say no. Your there for the girl.
  • Always remember the total of your bill. When you go to the toilet, check it. Some places tend to add on bills just to try and see if you notice. That can get expensive.
  • Happy with the service? ALWAYS leave at least 20 THB tip. When we go out, we usually leave 10%. Unless the bill is over 2000 THB. Then we leave 200 THB (In bars/clubs).
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